Female Coaching

Swinley Bike Hub has a passion to increase female participation in the sport of Mountain Biking. Expanding from our monthly "Girls Who Ride" Social Rides comes specific coaching for all female groups. The session will combine psychological and skills based training to tackle trail features such as corners, descents, roots, drops and berms. Following from this introductory session Swinley Bike Hub can run further 1:1 or specific group sessions to support females heading to their first event through to those wishing to really hone their skills and improve speed over any type of ground.  

What's included

Sessions will be catered to beginners / intermediates and the more advanced and you will be able to self select the group that you would like to head out with. Sessions available with their date and times are listed below - check out our Trail Progression and Trail Flow sessions to get more confidence with trail center style riding.

What you need to bring

Swinley Bike Hub has a full store onsite that is able to provide helmet, gloves and bike or if you have your own kit then please come along fully kitted