Focus Event Skills & Fitness Training

If you are looking to match your skills with increased fitness then join in with our Focused training and fitness packages. If you are looking to take part in your first event be it an enduro or a long distance adventure - then you are in good hands as our coaches  of decades of experience with all types of cycle competitions and our in house fitness guru has been in the fitness industry for almost 2 decades. 

If it is a pure "Swinley Fit" program you are looking for then meet our Mike, Swinley Fit is the brain child of our resident fitness coach who will devise a program to help you be bike fit, bike ready and stronger than you have been before. All of our Swinley Fit packages are accessible 24*7 in your own personalized App where you will have regular contact with your coach online. 

The program will also work with you off the bike to make sure you are mentally prepared and have the right kit setup!

The program will provide you with regular touch points with both fitness and skills coaches and allow the program to mold to you as an individual month by month. The Event package can be 1- 3, or 3 - 6 months in duration.

What's included

The focused & fitness package is bespoke to you, at a general level you will recieve

- a skills coach with your discipline experience be it dual slalom, enduro, long distance racing through to multi-sport disciplines. 

- a fitness coach to work with you online to devise a package to get you from an injury right through to event ready

- off the bike advice and away form the gym on bike set up, kit needed and our infamous Swinley Positive Mental Attitude - SPMA!

What you need to bring

- honesty and a goal