Trail Flow

Once you have the foundations in place from our Progression course the Flow course introduces more advanced techniques to you the rider to tackle corners, technical trail features and piecing them all together for that feeling of flow.

The program will also work with you off the bike to make sure you are mentally prepared and have the right kit setup!

Key Skills

Line choice – Looking at reading the trail, allowing for optimum speed to allow flow into, through and out of sections of trail.

Pumping – We are the biggest fans of pumping here out on the trails - we will work with you to work the trail under you to gain some speed. 

Control & Confidence - start attacking trail features confident in the knowledge that you can by controlling the speed and squashing out features.

Advanced Cornering & Berms - extra techniques honing body position, footwork, sight and working on the psychological side of reading the trail

All these techniques will culminate on working to piece together the entry, feature and exit of anything that you are riding on the trail. 

What you need to bring

- A smile and a can do attitude for adventure

- A bike (bikes are available to hire if required)

- A Helmet (helmets are available to hire if required)

- Appropriate Clothing for Hot / Cold / Rainy Days

Trail Flow