Trail Progression

Swinley Bike Hub offer a series of 1:1 and group sessions to help any rider, of any ability to progress their confidence, skill and technique out on the trails. During the session we will work with the rider to ensure correct bike set up, cover psychological aspects of riding in forests though to techniques to improve cornering, descending & tackling technical trail features. 

Key Skills Learning

Bike setup check – SBH will run through your bike set up and make sure that everything is set up to help you gain confidence on the trail - suspension setting, brake position and seat.

Core Position and Physics – Dialing in the fundamentals of where you should be on the bike to help push the bike through trail features making it safer for you to progress. Once the fundamentals are honed, it will allow for faster progression of other skills. 

Descents, Cornering, Trail Features and Drops - an introduction to these key trail elements coupled with the core position to allow safe, low and high speed control of the bike to make sure Control on steep descents – Staying in balance and maximising traction at very slow speeds, before mastering the techniques to speed up safely on steep trails.

What you need to bring

- A smile and a can do attitude for adventure

- A bike (bikes are available to hire if required)

- A Helmet (helmets are available to hire if required)

- Appropriate Clothing for Hot / Cold / Rainy Days

Trail Progression