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Mountain Biking… Inclusive, Healthy, & Fun for Everyone!

From day one Swinley Bike Hub, Swinley Forest was all about introducing and growing Mountain Biking for all. The Hub puts on unique events throughout the year in order to be accessible, to include every type of rider, and every type of skill level of rider – to join us, to join rides, to join groups of mates, to join their families and to enjoy the forest. That same strong DNA and ethos holds true today as we head into our 4th Season.

As we continue to grow our services, attract and include even more people into the sport from beginners, kids and ladies to”lads” returning from a 20 year absence from the sport, we are asked all the time the same question…. How do I improve? How do I get quicker?

If you would like to know the answer to these questions why not kick off your 2017 and join us for one of our weekly social rides or book a group/family guided ride, a 1-2-1 coaching session or hire bikes with the whole family?

We asked Swinley Bike Hub ambassador (Team Rider / Skills Coach) and Personal Trainer Mike Wilson, to introduce why Mountain Biking hits all the right buttons to get you outside and living a more healthy lifestyle as we move into 2017.


All types of riders. All types of skill level. All riders at a Swinley Bike Hub Social evening to enjoy a Night Ride into the forest. 

I know, I’m biased, I love this sport and after 15 years in the Fitness Industry I’m here to spread the word and explain why Mountain Biking, might just be the best thing you ever do. Think about it, what other sports can be as inclusive as cycling. Why be the parent on the sideline of a pitch. We need to find healthy sports we can all do together. The message is all about being healthy and that includes spending time with the whole family having quality time with no phones, tablets or computers.


Having fun searching out eggs on the trails at the annual Swinley Bike Hub Easter Egg Hunt!

Stress is another aspect that I think we need to acknowledge that cycling in the forest can help with.

Our daily lives are so busy. I can’t think of the last time I spoke to someone that wasn’t flat out at work, home or with family commitments. Our bodies are fighting stresses all the time.

Cortisol the stress hormone and in time of stress it allows our body to put on body fat. When our ancestors where stressed it was normally linked to not having enough food. So we developed this clever system of building our fat stores. As we are trying to avoid this at all costs we go down to the gym and hammer our bodies even more. Then just to finish it off we follow the latest low calorie diet.

Now we are chronically stressed and our hormones are going to down regulate. Systems literally start slowing down. One example of this would be your metabolism. If this is starting to sound familiar how can we stop it with cycling in the forest?

Fitness and diet has to be a very import part of our lives and our families. The message is getting out there. Companies are taking advantage of the ride to work schemes. Also look at how popular HITT training has become. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) – riding the trails at Swinley is very similar to HIIT type training and helps reduce those stress levels once you get outside and enjoy the ride.

I can’t think of better way to get fit than, riding slowly up a hill and then getting the heart racing on the way down. What’s more it’s fun. You will see nothing but smiles at the bottom of the trails.

Now we have added the stress reliever to the equation. Massive endorphin release plus you’re outside soaking up the Vitamin D. Humans were built to be outside after all, it feels good for your soul.


No Stress Here – Rider hits up the trails in festive spirit

There’s a definite sense that people want to get out and try something that is “extreme” another good example I see of this would be Obstacle Racing which has also made it into the spot light these past few year. They’re great however I don’t think they are as accessible as cycling off-road and away from cars is. Swinley Forest has all weather trails, for everyone, right on our doorstep, with great facilities at the shop, and with Swinley Bike Hub offering all-level social rides, a club, MTB Coaching for all levels and parking there is no reason not to try it out as a group or family. Not to mention cycling has a great community for you to expand your circle of mates and learn from others.

Could this be the Fitness solution for all the whole family that so many of us have been looking for? We reckon it could well be your thing in 2017!


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