We’re now the UK’s first Stans NoTubes Service Centre.

We’re chuffed to say that we’re now the UK’s very first Service Centre for Stans NoTubes – the originators of tubeless bicycle technology and top quality wheel sets.

Swinley Bike Hub’s Stans NoTubes Service Centre offers:

  • Tubeless set up, conversion and maintenance
  • Tubeless ‘top ups’ to keep Sealant fresh
  • Expert advice on tubeless tech
  • Demo rides on bikes with Stans NoTubes sealed wheels

Swinley Bike Hub will not only stock a full range of Stans NoTubes products … but we’re also experts on tubeless set up and conversion and have a range of tubeless demo and hire bikes for you to try.

We can set your wheels up for you, we can keep your tubeless topped up and we can advise you on how tubeless might help your riding.


Our staff have always been in-the-know on tubeless tech – we ride tubeless on our own bikes and we’ve spent years setting bikes up with Stans and advising customers on why it’s great. This new Demo Centre has added an extra boost to our knowledge and helped us get even better. We’ve been trained by the tubeless gurus at Stans UK and we’ll work with them regularly to keep getting better and more clued up.

Stans NoTubes – if you’re wondering – is a manufacturer of tubeless technology. They are a small, family run company from the US and are the originators of tubeless bicycle technology. They’re the Hoover, the Coca Cola and the GoPro of tubeless. We love their Tyre Sealant and their new Race Sealant products and we’re having a blast on their new Stans NoTubes Arch Mk3 wheel sets. You can learn more about them on their website.

Swinley Bike Hub Stans No Tubes Service Centre

Stans No Tubes tyre sealant means no inner tubes – no punctures, more grip, more fun!

What is tubeless and why do we love it?

Don’t worry, it’s nothing high tech or overly complicated. Traditionally bikes have a rubber inner tube inside the tyre to keep them inflated. These work well enough and are pretty reliable but can puncture, can ‘pinch’ and add weight.

Tubeless technology replaces the inner tube with ‘sealant’ – a liquid solution that sloshes around in your tyre and seals up punctures as soon as they happen. The liquid is lighter than an inner tube, it can’t pinch flat and it allows you to run your tyres at lower pressures. If you get a puncture half way round the red trail, there’s no need to stop and fix it.

Tubeless doesn’t take any longer to set up than a traditional inner tube but offers puncture protection, added grip, lower weight, lower rolling resistance and eliminates ‘pinch’ punctures. We love it!

If you’d like to learn more about tubeless or get your wheels set up – you can give us a call on 01344360229.

Swinley Bike Hub Stans NoTubes Service Centre

Stans No Tubes’ UK guys setting up racers with Tubeless at the Swinduro.

Thanks to elegantandwild.co.uk for the photos.

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