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For the past few days I have been riding the VeeTires Flow Rumba and Crown Gem tyres and they are honestly, despite their niggles and small blemishes, the best tyres I’ve ever ridden, here’s why;


First of all, they are big. Combined with my Hope Pro 4 Tech Enduro 35mm wheels these tyres are massive so there’s no shortage of grip even when you’ve got a 50 degree lean angle going on into the loamiest of corners, the Flow Rumba especially due to the sheer size, shape and aggressiveness of the side knobs gives you spadefuls of confidence when cornering. These tyres also lend themselves to your braking as well, meaning I’ve been able to stop incredibly quickly to avoid obstacles and/or if I’ve made a mess of certain line choices I’m able to slow down rapidly and correct myself with ease.











chunky, grippy, rad tyres from Vee

Secondly, the sidewalls to these tyres are extremely thick so there’s no need to worry about splitting or tearing these sidewalls or having them unseat or deform, they’re solid. These tyres are made with a triple ply compound so they are extremely durable and don’t buckle under intense sideways pressure, I’ve even tried deliberately to burp these tyres by pushing as hard as I can into fast, tight corners to no avail, so hopefully that shows as an indication to how tough these tyres are.


Impressive sidewalls says “Jimmy” about Vee!

Despite the sidewalls being as tough and strong as they are, the knobs on these tyres are actually really forgiving, you can pinch them, twist them and all sorts but they will almost instantly return back to their original shape without an issue. After a full day’s worth of good, hard riding there was no signs of deterioration whatsoever, no cuts, slices, chunks missing no nothing, truly amazed by how these tyres handled being thrown around and generally maltreated and still looking box fresh albeit a bit dirty.

I had the Flow Rumba 2.35” mounted on the front of the bike, running at approximately 22psi with the Crown Gem on the rear at near enough 25psi. The reason I chose these pressures is so that when i’m slightly leant over or riding rather soft or off camber terrain, the tyres spread out nicely over the trail and I have maximum grip.

The only issue I have (and this is being super picky for a tyre that sits in the Gravity range from Vee) with these is that they weigh quite a substantial amount, the Flow Rumba weighs in at just over 1,200g due to it’s rigidity and toughness combined with it’s aggressive tread pattern. The Crown Gem came in a lot lighter but still worth mentioning at 920g, however both of these tyres are sturdy and strong and provide ample grip no matter the condition. The weight became an issue during steep climbs, however the problem was emphasised during rocky, technical climbs as well resulting in much more effort being needed to reach the top. However, having all that grip available meant I could be as far over the bars as I could in order to get the power down without the rear wheel spinning up, giving me enough traction to get there.

All in all, the Gem held the Crown and the Rumba kept the Flow so I will be riding with these tyres indefinitely and I recommend you do too. If you have any queries about these tyres or indeed the hope 35mm wheels, or if you need some questions answered, please come down to the Swinley Bike Hub (we stock them both) or visit the VeeTires and Hope websites to find out more!

Take it easy, ride safe!

Mini Test Review piloted and written by James “Jimmy” Wyatt – a new SBH mechanic – pop in and see him in the forest – he likes chocolate!

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