XC Skills Coaching

The Summit at Swinley Forest is a proud sponsor of the British Cycling Central Region XC Series. XC riding, training and coaching is complex and requires your human performance to match your skills.

 The XC coaching programs we work with you on are bespoke to your requirements, we can offer incredible Human Performnace coaching in line with our partner Movement Workshop, and we can work directly on your technical skills to ensure you gain 1/2 yard in every corner, you relax on climbs, and recover on the descents whilst always choosing the A Line. 


Private 1:1 Coaching Session

2 hours @ £125.00

1:1 private coaching sessions are open to all levels of adults and intermediate/advanced young riders 16 & over.

For children 15 & under, please ONLY book a private 1:1 if your child is of intermediate standard or above. A parent or guardian will need remain with the child & coach at all times. (Intermediate sessions are likely to be held in the Summit where there is an area to wait).  

Private 1:2 Coaching Session

2 hours @ £195

Bring a friend and share time with a coach together. 

For all levels of rider, a parent or guardian MUST remain with the young people and coach for riders 15 & under. 

Private 1:3 Coaching Session

2 hours @ £225.00

A 1:3 private coaching session is ideal for 3 young riders (15 & under) who want to ride with a coach without a parent present or for 3 adult friends of a similar level to gain coaching completely focussed on you! 

Private Parent & Child Coaching Session

2 hours @ £165

For parents with young riders 15 & under who are new to mountain biking or would like to learn together!

One rider must be a parent or guardian and one rider must be 15 or under.