Primary Schools

Primary Schools are at the grass roots for enabling children to get out and gain some healthy exercise. The government suggests between the ages of 5-18 years of age that young people should get 60 minutes exercise per day, 30 minutes which are to be within School time. 

Swinley Bike Hub offers the opportunity for Primary Schools to raise the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement. This activity allows for teachers to increase confidence, knowledge and skills to help teach cycling, often a wider experience than most in school could enjoy during the school day. 

What's included

- fully licensed coaches with Swinley Bike Hub

- a qualified coach at a ratio of 1:6-8 pupils to act as a trail guide

- bikes, helmets and a choice of loop for your school party based on time available


- a coach to pupil ratio of 1:6 for specific coaching skills

- lunch and refreshments

- adventure loops to create learning activity 

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