Tom Reynolds - Head Skills Coach

Our Head Skills Coach Tom has been riding bikes at a high level for many years now, riding bikes is the only thing you'll ever catch him doing! He has been in the cycle trade for over 10 years, has a wealth of technical and riding knowledge to advise on general bike components, suspension setup, and bike positioning; After all, before being a coach he was a professional Retul Bike fitter for 4 years.

Tom is an exceptionally passionate rider, with a great way of coaching all ability riders. His specialty in riding is getting airborne, and is known for making the most technical trails look as flowy as a Blue. He is a Sponsored Freestyle Dirt Jump/ Slopestyle rider, and has been competing in the National DirtWars series, and the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour for the last few years. His competition highlights are finishing 2nd in the National Pro Dirt Jump series in 2016 and 2017, 4th in Europe in 2016 and 34th in the entire World Rankings in 2017.

Tom really wants to drive the "flow" of trails in his coaching sessions. Anyone can "Huck" themselves into a corner or off a jump, but its the skilled riders who come out the other side with the most amount of control, speed, efficiency and with the biggest smile. So if you'd like help in Trail Flow, Cornering, Braking, Efficiency, or building General Confidence, you will be in great hands with Tom. As well as his specific knowledge on how to jump, from simply clearing a jump for the first time, to gaining the most height, and to "Squashing" for ultimate speed in a race situation, Tom will help you significantly. Customers who have been on sessions with Tom say he is easy to understand, patient and accommodating to anything that they wanted to learn. 

Mike Wilson - MTB Skills & Fitness Coach

Michael has a passion for Mountain Bike which has spanned decades and taken him riding around the globe. His style of riding suits the big mountain terrain of the Alps and Whistler, where he is happiest on the most technically challenging trails and biggest jumps. 

After changing from racing DH to Enduro he found many weak links in his techniques. For example, racing without the use of big berms. Michael decided to do a coaching course and learnt many new techniques which he is passionate about sharing with you. Not just to make you faster but also safer.

Michael is able to convey all the different techniques in a very easy to understand manner as he has been a personal trainer for 15year.

He is now the Teams Coach for all their fitness and trained many Elite cyclists. 

Chris Cockrill - MTB Skills Coach

Chris has been riding bikes for as long as he can remember and racing bikes for the past 10 years. Using the experience he has, from riding all sorts of tracks and terrain, Chris can tailor the coaching he provides for all abilities and to suit whatever you want to get out of the course in a super fun and friendly way.

As a National Level Downhill Racer, Chris’ focus is racing, but he believes that the secret to riding fast is to ride confidently, and to ride confidently it is essential to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing on the bike.

Chris has a great feel for bike and suspension setup. From experience he can give you advice and answer any questions you may have about setup to help you feel more comfortable and confident!

With all of Chris’ knowledge and experience he’s sure to be able to help you reach what ever goals you have on the bike!