Youth Coaching & Holiday Sessions

Summer At Swinley Bike Hub, we loved developing young riders and encouraging youngsters to enjoy riding their bikes on mountain bike trails. 

Whatever level your young rider is at, there is a option for all!

Structured Group Coaching:

If you're looking for structure coaching, we offer small group coaching in the following:

Core Skills & Confidence - if they're taking their first pedal strokes off road and would like to learn the basics of mountain biking, then this is the course! Riders must be confident riding a mountain bike on flat ground and keen to learn more!

Trail Progression - this is for more experienced riders looking to take their riding further on the trails. We'll cover more advanced skills such as bermed corners, descending and ascending and may even start looking at drops. Riders must already be confident in the 'ready position' when descending and be riding the blue trail comfortably at Swinley.

Airtime: Jumps & Drops - this is for advanced riders looking to get their wheels off the ground for the first time. Riders must be very confident on their bike, have good cornering technique and control. This is not for intermediate riders. 

If your rider wants to learn advanced jumping or fine tuning for racing, then it's best to book a Private Coaching Session! 

Youth Holiday MTB Sessions:

During school holidays we offer our youth MTB Club for riders aged 7-15 based on two ability levels: 

Beginner: This is for riders who are new to riding off-road. They can happily ride a bike but are yet to explore the blue trail at Swinley Forest and would like to know basic mountain biking skills. They need to be able to ride a bike and be over 7 years old.

Summer Dates: August - 2nd, 9th, 15th & 23rd - all at 14:00. Book Now.

Intermediate: This is for riders who are already confidently riding the blue trail here at Swinley Forest. They can happily ride standing up on their bikes and are capable of climbing the majority of the climbs on the blue trail without stopping. Generally this will be for riders over 10, but we know there are capable younger riders who can join. 

Summer Dates: August - 3rd, 10th, 17th & 29th - all at 14:00. Book Now. 

 This is much more about having fun on their bikes, exploring the trails with a coach and learning new skills on the way. These are two hour sessions spread out during the holiday times! 

For even more capable riders, please check out our Youth Academy Sessions.

Youth Academy MTB Sessions:

Our Youth Academy is designed for young mountain bikers (15 & under) that meet the minimum ability standard, who really want to progress and are at a good starting level. The coaching for these sessions will be more advanced, more intense and focus on improving speed, fitness and endurance as well as skill. (They'll still be a lot of fun too!)

Before booking these sessions, please check the minimum standards required - as if your rider is unable to ride to this level when they arrive they will unlikely be able to continue. 

Minimum Standard required:

  • Ride the FULL blue trail at Swinley Forest - both pedalling up & riding down. (riders must be fit enough to cope with pedalling up!)
  •  Experimenting riding parts of the red trail at Swinley Forest
  •  Riding drops of 20cm+ comfortably and in control
  •  Riding linked bermed corners carrying speed
  •  Can control braking on steeper descents
  •  Can stand up in 'ready position' (pedals level) for all descents

We do not specify a lower age limit but riders will be required to cope with a potentially physically demanding session.

Summer Dates: August -  2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 23rd & 29th. Book Now.