Airtime - Jumps & Drops

Understand, control and love your wheels off the ground!

Our three Jumps & Drops courses are designed to help you progressively learn the skills involved in navigating those 'wheels off the ground' trail features. 

From your first drop, to your first gap jump there's an option for everyone. If you'd like more advanced jump coaching, then it's best to work with one of our coaches 1:1 so please book a Private Coaching session here

Choose your course & Level: 

Youth Airtime - for our young riders. 

This is for advanced youth riders aged 15 & under looking to get their wheels off the ground for the first time. Riders must be very confident on their bike, have good cornering technique, control and be already riding the blue and some red trails at Swinley. This is not for beginner or intermediate riders. 

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Just the Drops *Coming Soon!

Our Just the Drops course is designed for riders new to drops or those who would like to ride small to medium drops in control with more speed. 

We'll start from the beginning and introduce various techniques to ride drops safely - from a fast rolling technique to discussing other 'wheels off the ground' techniques; We'll start small and work our way up to larger, less rollable drops and maybe even tackle some trail sections with multiple drops to practice our technique. 

Please note, there will be NO jump practice on this course

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First Air - For those NEW to jumping!

Our First Air course is for riders new to jumping. 

If you've been riding a while, are increasing speed and skill on the trails, you may find yourself naturally getting wheels off the ground, or starting to panic when speed gives you that 'weightless' feeling. 

This course is designed for confident riders who are completely new to jumping. We'll start from the beginning on small jumps and work our way to friendly table tops.  If you're already getting air, please consider our 'Further Air' course. 

This course is also offered as a Women's Only course!

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Further Air - Jump higher, further & in control

Our Further Air course is designed for riders who  ARE ALREADY gaining some air on jumps but are looking to perfect technique, tackle higher and harder jumps and land safely - ready for the next jump or trail feature. 

If you're looking for more control in the air, or trying to clear that red table then this is the course for you. We'll briefly start from the beginning to refine technique and then move on to larger tables to put it into practice. 

If you're new to jumping, try our 'First Air' course.

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Just the Drops!

  • For riders new to drops or those who would like to learn various techniques for speed & control
  • Understand the need for control- which technique is best for which drop?
  • How to roll drops at speed & in control
  • What's the difference between 'push' & 'pop'? What's best & when?
  • Take each technique further with speed & larger drops
  • Riding multiple drops on trails
  • Working from small drops & may progress to non-rollable drops

First Air - For those NEW to jumping!

  • For riders looking to get their wheels off the ground on a jump for the first time
  • Introducing manuals & bunny hops
  • Looking at the jump approach with body position and control
  • Feeling the take off and body position for control
  • Preparing for, and landing safely
  • Focussing on basic, small jumps to perfect technique & may progress to red tables

Further Air - Jump higher, further & in control

  • Approaching the Jump - Preparation for the take off
  • Jump take off technique - Get the "Pop"!
  • Figure out the right speeds and body position
  • Tabletop v Gap jump? Whats the difference and how to overcome the fear of the gap!
  • Landing preparation, and being able to be ready for the next feature or jump
  • Focussing on table jumps with a variety of take offs and may progress to small gaps


Group Trail Progression (Intermediate - Advanced) - Youth

90 minutes @ £45.00

Our Group sessions are maximum 6 people, so they are a great way to get some all important coaching, whilst meeting new people with similar interests and goals, at a cheaper price than the tailored 1:1 sessions!

Private 1:1 Coaching Session

2 hours @ £125.00

1:1 private coaching sessions are open to all levels of adults and intermediate/advanced young riders 16 & over.

For children 15 & under, please ONLY book a private 1:1 if your child is of intermediate standard or above. A parent or guardian will need remain with the child & coach at all times. (Intermediate sessions are likely to be held in the Summit where there is an area to wait).  

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