Airtime - Jumps & Drops

Understand, control and love your Airtime.

Do you rely on speed to get you in the air? Or when you see a take-off do you pull the brakes and find an avoiding trail? This course will give you the skills to get airborne in a controlled way, keeping you safe and using the jump / drop to your advantage, rather than being intimidated by them. Science tells us that if you go fast at a take-off, you will fly, but will not necessarily be in control! So if you are relying on speed to fly, or are lacking in confidence on any type of Jump or Drop, this course is perfect for you!

Core Skills - Prepare for take off!

  • M check bike safety
  • Airtime ready position
  • Manuals
  • Wheelies
  • Bunny Hops (2 different types!)


  • Approaching the Drop - Preparation for drop off
  • Take off technique - Flying in control
  • Landing preparation
  • Controlled landing and ride away with a smile!


  • Approaching the Jump - Preparation for the take off
  • Jump take off technique - Get the "Pop"!
  • Tabletop v Gap jump? Whats the difference and how to overcome the fear of the gap!
  • Landing preparation, and being able to be ready for the next feature or jump


Group Trail Progression (Intermediate - Advanced) - Youth

90 minutes @ £40.00

Our Group sessions are maximum 6 people, so they are a great way to get some all important coaching, whilst meeting new people with similar interests and goals, at a cheaper price than the tailored 1:1 sessions!

Tailored 1:1 Coaching Session - Age 14+

2 hours @ £95.00

All our sessions are 100% tailored to each rider, to make sure you learn the most, and enjoy it the most! Come and join one of our aspirational and friendly coaches to help you grow on the trails.

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