Core Skills & Trail Confidence

Build your confidence and gain trail flow

Do you lack confidence on the bike? This is the course for you! This is your "I am new to Mountain Biking, and I want to make sure I am doing it right", or "I know I have picked up some bad habits, can you help me reset to a clean slate?" course. 

The Summit coaches will cover the fundamental skills on the bike with building confidence to get you around every trail in a safe, controlled and fun way. Trail confidence is about making sure you are using the trail to be as efficient as possible with the bike, checking your bike for safety before riding, riding position in descents and introduction to cornering, trail flow & line choice on the trails.

Come along with your bike and your smile and you'll have a great session!

This session also runs as a Women's Only. 

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Bike Safety

  • Introduction of each rider in group – how long have you been riding for, where have you been, short/long term goals, areas of trail riding that you would like to build confidence on?
  • Safety "M" check - making sure your bike is safe to ride
  • Equipment checklist and recommendations

Bike Confidence

  • Introduction of riding techniques one by one including head movement, body position and footwork
  • Descending "The Ready" Position
  • Climbing technique & use of gears - let's make them as easy as possible!

Trail Confidence

  • Linking skills & features together to ride the trail with flow
  • Cornering technique for stability
  • Maybe try a few small drops!