Trail Progression

Take your riding to the next level on the trails

This course has been designed for the riders that have either done our "Trail Confidence" course or are happy with their current ability, and want to progress further into the more technical side of riding. We will cover technical descending, pumping, and skills that aid progression on the trails like manuals and wheelies.

The trail progression skills are key to the development of progressing your riding in a safe and controlled manner, and are a great and crucial benchmark for our next course "Airtime - Jumps & Drops". Anyone can go fast down hill simply without using the brakes, but doing it on purpose and in control is a different game! Manuals and wheelies are key techniques to master as they are key for avoiding technical trail features mid-trail such as roots / rocks / or even fallen trees - along with looking awesome in the carpark!

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Recap - Trail Confidence Key Points

  • Bike setup + safety
  • Ready position for descents, braking position & technique
  • Cornering technique for stability
  • Climbing technique

Trail Perfection

  • Advanced corner technique - getting the grip
  • Line choice on trails, flat and bermed corners
  • Technical descending control

Skills Progression

  • Pumping & maximising your trail efficiency
  • Manuals & wheelies
  • Learning how to link all these techniques together to enhance your overall riding package
  • Intro to drops - riding the Fundamentals Drop line in The Summit
  • Post session report & video analysis, what to work on going forward

The Summit Skills Facility

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